Manga, Anime, Games From Japan

Hyogo Prefectural Museum of Art is currently (Sep 19th ~ Nov 23rd 2015) hosting  an exhibition titled “Manga * Anime * Games From Japan” focussing on works in those three fields released from 1989 to the Present.
I took my son along to see the exhibition, and it was definitely worth a visit, especially as at the end there was a “Play” area where you could play games from the Super Famicom era up to the PS4.


ニッポンのマンガ*アニメ*ゲーム Flyer (front)


Manga, Anime, Games From Japan Flyer (back)

Street Fighter II - Chun Li

Street Fighter II – Chun Li

The exhibition started with manga, then moved on to anime finishing with games, covering the history of each medium and highlighting key titles from them.

Knights of Sidonia

Knights of Sidonia

IMG_7783Unfortunately, after taking the photo below I was busted by the staff and told, politely but sternly that photos were not allowed. She pointed across the room at a postcard sized sign, with size 9 font that said (when I walked over and peered at it) “No Photography“.
This meant I was unable to get photos of the cool Mario artwork or behind the scenes of Gran Turismo they had around the corner. Shame.

Nintendo's Virtual Boy

Nintendo’s Virtual Boy

I bought the exhibition book on the way out hoping it had photos of the exhibition content but it didn’t. It’s still an impressive book, split into 3 parts like the exhibition, covering information about the key titles, like Street Fighter II, Metal Gear Solid, Dance Evolution, etc. As well as articles on the Japanese CG industry and what the internet meant to the industry, etc. Although a lot of the exhibition had English explanations, the book is all in Japanese, so I’m still working my way through it!

Manga * Anime * Games From Japan

Manga * Anime * Games From Japan


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