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The Pixels movie has been met with, shall we say, less than flattering reviews. Personally I quite liked it, but I haven’t seen Adam Sandler in anything since The Wedding Singer so I don’t have that built up rage that a lot of people seem to have towards him.

Pixels ピクセル

Pixels ピクセル

The CGI was pretty good and I just enjoyed seeing the classic games brought to life on the big screen. The plot was pretty irrelevant, and I didn’t bother worrying about the (many) plot holes.

Anyway, the reason for this post isn’t a review but I wanted to post some pics of the excellent Pixels movie brochure I picked up.

In Japan every film comes with an accompanying brochure or book containing interviews, behind the scenes info, artwork, pictures, etc, etc.

They’re usually worth the ¥600~¥1000 ($6~$10) they cost.

The Pixels book is a particularly excellent example.

Pixels Book

Pixels Book

As you can see it comes in a great slipcase with the book itself resembling an old Atari game box.

Description of the games in the movie

Description of the games in the movie

There are descriptions and photos of all the games that appear in the movie.

Interviews with Retrogaming Legends

Interviews with Retrogaming Legends

Aswell as interviews with retrogaming legends, Toru Iwatani, Tomohiro Nishikado and Shigeru Yokoyama.

There’s also interviews with some of the cast and director but I’m not too interested in them.

It’s a beautiful looking book and now has pride of place in my game book collection.

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