Luigi Mansion Arcade

I spotted the Luigi Mansion Arcade cabinet the other day in an arcade inside the big Aeon Mall I was taking my boy to, to see a Yokai Watch Experience. Well after we saw Jibanyan and the rest it wasn’t too difficult to persuade him to try out the game with me.

luigi mansion arcade

Luigi Mansion Arcade


Luigi Mansion Arcade – Side

The game plays pretty much like the 3DS game except you are given two big hoovers to shoot with instead.


Luigi’s Hoovers

They’re quite bulky and add a lot of “realism” to the game, as it were, although my boy (who’s only 5) had trouble holding it and using the trigger. Still it didn’t top him having fun with the game!


Luigi’s Mansion Entrance

We only played one credits worth so didn’t get too far, only as far as the main entrance room (after clearing out the garage).
You get sent pretty much straight into the action and it’s a lot of fun, it actually lasted a lot longer than I was expecting for just ¥400 (¥200 per person).


Luigi Mansion Arcade

A fun game although not sure how any quarters (¥100) I’d pump into it though, after the novelty of the hoovers has worn off, I think I’d be just as happy to play my 3DS version.

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