BitSummit, 2014 Kyoto

With BitSummit 2016 coming up just around the corner (July 9-10), I thought I’d share some photos I took at the last BitSummit I managed to go to, in 2014 (I missed last year unfortunately due to other commitments).

It’s held every year at the Miyako Messe Kyoto International Exhibition Hall which is a very impressive venue located near Kyoto Zoo, Kyoto National Museum of Modern Art and the Kyoto Municipal Museum of Art (so lots to do if you need a break from the vast numbers of games on show).

BitSummit 2014 Poster

BitSummit 2014 Poster


BitSummit Floor

Many games were playable, from more established companies like Yacht Club with Shovel Knight and Inti Creates with Gunvolt, as well as small bedroom teams and Doujin Soft teams with PC only ports, etc.


BitSummit Gunvolt


BitSummit – Gunvolt


BitSummit – Shovel Knight

Below is グレイグロファー(体験版)GREY GROFA / MSX TASK SHOOTING, from TPM.CO Soft a game written for the MSX! Their games are worth checking out even if you don’t read/speak Japanese as they have “broken English” (their words) on the site and in the games.
Gray Grofa appears to be a side-scrolling shooting game where you have to traverse through maze-like caverns, with some puzzle elements. A very short gameplay video is available from their site : here
Their site also has lots of older MSX games including some published in old magazines according to their site – not sure if that means they were type-in listings from old mags or they were reviewed in old games. Anyway, worth a look if you’re into MSX games or old Japanese games in general.


BitSummit – グレイグロファー(体験版)GREY GROFA / MSX TASK SHOOTING

Assault Suit Leynos (below) is a series of mech side-scrolling shmups originally developed by NCS (National Console Support, Inc) and published by Masaya Games (who also publishd the unusual QUALIA 3: Multi Agent which I purchased at BitSummit and is now available on Steam).
The Assault Suit series started way back in 1990 on the Sega Genesis, and this latest version is a remake for the PS4, 25 years later. The latest PS4 remake is being handled by Dracue Software.


BitSummit – Assault Suit Leynos


BitSummit – Assault Suit Leynos

There’s a lot going on besides the games including signings, talks and DJs.
Professor Sakamoto was there and I bought a signed Mega Ran CD from him.


BitSummit – Professor Sakamoto

Mega Ran - Professor Sakamoto

Mega Ran – Professor Sakamoto

There was also a dancing donkey(?), but I can’t remember what he was here to promote…if anything.


BitSummit – Dancing Donkey?


BitSummit – Parappa The Rapper

A lot of the exhibitors are also selling finished products from established companies as well as Doujin companies.
∀kashicverse -Malicious Wake- from Endless Shirafu is a very cool vertical shmup for Windows.

∀kashicverse -Malicious Wake-

∀kashicverse -Malicious Wake-

This is In Flux from Brave Wave Productions a compilation of music featuring the musicians of Mega Man (Manami Matsumae), Ninja Gaiden, Panzer Dragoon (Saori Koyayashi) and more

In Flux

In Flux

As I said, there’s a hell of a lot to see and do at BitSummit, so I highly recommend going if you get a chance.
Info can be found here :

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