Sumaura Yuen Park Arcade

Last year our family took a day trip to Sumaura Yuen Park, not too far past Kobe along the coast, as they have a very old Carlator (kinda like a cable car but it’s small green cars that go up a hill), cycle monorails and other fun activities for kids.

I was very happy to discover they also had an Game Center ゲームセンター (Arcade) there with lots of old arcade machines.

Unfortunately my son was only 4 at the time and my wife doesn’t like violent video games so I wasn’t able to play on this Beast Busters cab in front of him…plan on going back now he’s a bit older and having a go!

Beast Busters

Beast Busters – Second Nightmare from SNK

This Pac-Cap (which I’ve never seen before but seems to be some kind of Pacman themed redemption game) was broken, would have loved to have found out what prizes you could win.


Pac-Cap from Namco

I did get some exercise on this Prop Cycle. I’d never played this one before and it turned out to be a lot of fun, very entertaining for those watching too.

Prop Cycle

Prop Cycle

I was able to introduce my son to Space Invaders on an original cocktail cabinet! (Purists and pedants might point out this is unlikely to be an “original”, as it has on one of the pictures 8年 (8 years) which may be pointing out this was an 8 year anniversary machine – maybe).

Space Invaders

Space Invaders Cocktail Cabinet

Space Invaders Cocktail Cabinet

Space Invaders Cocktail Cabinet

Space Invaders Cocktail Cabinet

5 Cabinets together!

Aero City

A whole line of Aero City cabs

I was running out of time so didn’t get to play Mr Batman, but will give it a go next time, as it looks to be a fun mechanical game.
Mr Batman

ミスターバットマン (Mr Batman) – Not the superhero it seems…

Mr Batman

ミスターバットマン (Mr Batman)

How To Play Space Invaders

How To Play Space Invaders

I took a video of the place too which I need to get edited and uploaded to YouTube…will update when I get that done.

Hopefully I’ll get a chance to go again this year and try out some more of the machines, they had a pretty impressive selection.

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