GameCenter CX: The Movie – 1986 Mighty Bomb Jack

GameCenter CX (ゲームセンターCX) is a great TV programme on Fuji TV One in Japan starring Shinya Arino (known as Arino Kacho on the programme). Arinosan is a Japanese comedian, a member of the duo Yoiko, who each week plays a retro game all the way through to the end screen.
Well, at least that’s the idea, sometimes it takes a couple of weeks and sometimes he gives up (in which case one of the assistant producers is given the task so the viewers do actually get to see the end screen).

The series is now in its 20th season having started way back on Nov 4th 2003 and mainly covers Famicom and Super Famicom games but he’s also played PC Engine, Nintendo 64, Playstation, Mega Drive, Neo Geo aswell as XBox games and others.
The game play is also interspersed with trips to game centres around Japan (my favourite part) aswell as a quick guide to Game Boy games from different years, playing MSX games, interviews with developers, etc.


Game Center CX Movie Poster

To commemorate the 10th anniversary of the show, a movie “GameCenter CX: The Movie – 1986 Mighty Bomb Jack” was released in 2014.
The plot, such as it is, sees a young Arino trying to win the heart of a girl at his school by lending her a Famicom game she’s after, “Mighty Bomb Jack“. Meanwhile, modern day Arino is playing the same game as he would in a normal episode of the TV show. There is a brief scene where the two worlds collide but they two segments are largely unconnected.
It’s an enjoyable film, with obviously lots of nostalgic references (if you lived in Japan in that era!) and retro-gaming.
It has a playful charm like the TV series so worth checking out if you can (I’m not sure if there’s an international release or a subtitled version available, so might be tricky if you can’t speak Japanese).

GameCenter CX Movie Pamphlet (back)

Game Center CX Movie Pamphlet (back)

GameCenter CX Movie Pamphlet (front)

Game Center CX Movie Pamphlet (front)

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