Toru Iwatani on Game Maniax playing Pac-Man

Game Maniax is a weekly programme on the Animax Plus channel in Japan, focusing on video games. The cast of presenters include 佐藤かよ(Sato Kayo) and 江口聡 (Eguchi Satoshi) – a games journalist and obviously on here to give some credibility to the show – and the lovely マックス★ガールズ Max★Girls (originally there was one but they seem to have 6 or more now).
Usually they send a couple of the girls out to games studios in Japan to interview the producer or director about a featured game, and get a “Scoop” – usually just some info about an easter egg or something.
Recently they’ve been having a section called “Indies Jones” – where Eguchisan introduces one of the girls to a new “indie” game. Some recent titles they’ve featured include Goat Simulator and Spelunky.

Last year to coincide with the release of Pixels in Japan they had Toru Iwatani, the creator of Pac-Man on their “P-Talk” (Producers Talk) section.


Toru Iwatani playing Pac-Man


P-Talk (Producers Talk) on Game Maniax


The Max★Girls

Even the games creator dies sometimes…






It was the controllers fault!


Game Over

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