Resident Evil : The Final Chapter Japanese Flyer

For some reason the Resident Evil (or Biohazard as they’re known in Japan) films are looked down upon,
and Paul W. S. Anderson is sneered at but I’ve always kind of enjoyed the series ( 3 wasn’t too good mind). They’re entertaining and Mila Jovovich is always very pleasing to the eye.

I guess some people dislike the lack of similarity to the game series, other than character names, etc, but it’s a different medium so it’s fair for them to do their own thing in my opinion.

The manga’s veer off from the games too.

Anyway, the (allegedly) final chapter in the series, appropriately named Resident Evil : The Final Chapter (バイオハザード ザ・ファイナル Biohazard The Final ) is due for release on December 23rd here, and the flyers are in the cinemas already.

Resident Evil : The Final Chapter

Resident Evil : The Final Chapter

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バイオハザード ザ・ファイナル

バイオハザード ザ・ファイナル

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