The King of Fighters XIV is Coming to Arcades!

Well this blog is about Japanese arcades and it’s particularly nice to be able to write about something I’m directly involved in.

I worked on The King of Fighters XIV for Playstation 4 and it was just announced the other day that the game will be ported to the new NESiCAxLive2 arcade machines from Taito!

Although Taito will be handling the port it’s exciting to know that one of my softography will end up in an arcade!

Details are sketchy at the moment but it looks like the system will be available around Summer 2017 and The King of Fighters XIV is a launch title.

If you can’t wait till 2017 (or aren’t living in Japan) then the game is available for the PS4 from Play Asia here –> The King of Fighters XIV or Amazon here

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