Famicom Disk System : Belt Replacement

Just before Christmas I spotted this Complete-in-Box Famicom Disk System in our local recycle shop. It was only ¥3,000, much cheaper than they are in SuperPotato so I had to snap it up (actually I convinced my wife to get it for me as a Christmas present ٩(◕‿◕。)۶).

Famicom Disk System - Complete in Box

Famicom Disk System – Complete in Box

I figured it might not be in full working order (probably a broken belt) but at that price it was worth a gamble.

Famicom Disk System

Famicom Disk System

Well I was right, the system booted up, but made a horrendous whirring noise when a disk was inserted, so I’d have to take it apart to see what’s wrong.
It was a broken belt, so I ordered some belts off Amazon (only about ¥400, and I was only expecting to receive one but got 5 in the bag – nice!).

Replacement Belts (from Ebay)

I looked for a tutorial on YouTube, watched a few and then finally found a great one that had some new method which made syncing up the laser much easier than the usual way (apparently – having never done it before I had no idea).
This post isn’t a tutorial – my first time to do this, so very unqualified to do a tutorial – but I’ll put a link to the video at the bottom.

I just thought I’d put up some pictures of the process.

So first off you have to open the system up, so unscrew the 6 screws on the bottom.

Famicom Disk System - Underside

Famicom Disk System – Underside

Famicom Disk System Inside

Disk System – Inside

Now the battery box is removed.

Famicom Disk System - Batter Box

Taking out the battery box

And the disk drive is separated. This was actually quite tricky as it was difficult to get my fat fingers in between the drive and the board under the battery case to pull out the connector – the black connector with coloured wires coming out in the picture above. Eventually I managed it though. You have to unhook a few wires from their holdings first which gives the disk drive a little bit of movement – not much, just a little.

System Removed

System Removed

Famicom Disk Drive

Separating the Disk Drive

Broken belt

Broken belt

Now comes the actually belt-replacement part. Another fiddly part, but basically the big metal triangular plate unscrews and by turning it a bit it can be pulled off.
Before the new belt can be put on, the old one needs to be removed and the cogs cleaned up. Got some Retro Game Cleaner from Amazon for that (basically an alcohol solution), and using a cotton bud managed to clean them off.

Removing the Disk Cogs

Removing the Disk Cogs

The new belt is now ready to be put on. This bit is also tricky at first but the video does an excellent job of showing you how to attach it.

New Belt in Place

Replacing the Belt

The next stage has no pictures but it’s basically calibrating the spindle etc correctly. This is the “new method” in the video and I pretty much managed to calibrate it first time with very little issues (had to watch the video a couple of times, and find the right tool first though).

Now to put some of it back together and give it a run…

Famicom Disk System - Getting ready to test

Getting ready to test

Famicom Disk System - testing

Hooked up to test

Nailed It!

Famicom Disk System - Working!

Famicom Disk System – Working!

Here’s the excellent video tutorial from Retro Raider Japan.

And now to fix the broken PS4 a friend sent me last year…

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  • nagannir

    Many years after the FDS was released, the system and its Disk-kun mascot would be recognized by Nintendo and others.

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