Arcade Game Theory of Evolution : Shooting Edition Mook

I recently picked up this great : Arcade Game Theory of Evolution : Shooting Edition Mook ( アーケードゲーム進化論 シューティング編 ) from Amazon (but I’ve seen it in general magazine shops too, so it’s not hard to find).

アーケードゲーム進化論 シューティング編

アーケードゲーム進化論 シューティング編

It covers over 200 shmup (they’re called “Shooting” games in Japanese) titles with many of them having a whole page, with full colour photos and text description.
The bigger series franchises cover a couple of pages.

Kyukyoku Tiger / Twin Cobra

Kyukyoku Tiger / Twin Cobra

The mook is split up into several chapters, Single Screen Shooting Games, Scrolling Shooting Games, 3D Shooting GamesGun Shooting Games and First Person / Third Person Shooting Games.

Sengoku Ace

Sengoku Ace (戦国エース)

Silent Scope

Silent Scope

As with the other titles in the Arcade Game Theory of Evolution series, this is an excellent read, even if you don’t read Japanese and just admire the pictures.

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