Minoh Onsen Game Centre

Not far from Osaka and Kobe is a beautiful town in the hills called Minoh.

It’s a popular hiking spot, especially during the autumn when the speciality of Deep Fried Maple Leaves, a popular (and surprisingly delicious) snack, are on sale.

Minoh Tempura Leaves

Minoh Tempura Leaves

It’s also famous for having wild monkeys along the hiking route you can see (and try and avoid!)

Minoh Monkey

Minoh Monkey

and some great craft beer.

At the beginning of April, the Minoh Hama Onsen Spa Garden (箕面温泉スパーガーデン) opened up a retro game arcade!
With 42 Sega Blast City arcade cabinets all set to Free Play (with the price of a ticket to the onsen – about ¥1500~¥2000 depending on the day) , it definitely looks worth a visit.

Minoh Onsen Game Corner

Minoh Onsen Game Corner


The onsen’s news post is here : http://minoh-spa.ooedoonsen.jp/news/2554 (although it’s a bit light on information). (Edit : News link has disappeared so here’s the onsen site link : http://minoh-spa.ooedoonsen.jp/ )

Shortly after it opened some people from work went there one Saturday, but unfortunately I couldn’t make it. Apparently some machines were broken (Metal Slug 3 for example) but overall it got a good review from them.

Going to try and convince my wife to go – she can use the onsen while me and the boy get lost in the Game Corner (ゲームコーナー) !

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