Nintendo’s Kirby Underwear

Nintendo has teamed up with Peach John’s sister brand Yummy Mart to release a range of Kirby Dream Land(星のカービィ) underwear.

Some of them are a bit odd…

Kirby x Yummy Mart

Kirby x Yummy Mart

But some are quite cute…

Kirby x Yummy Mart Pants

Kirby x Yummy Mart Pants

Kirby’s Dream Land (as the game is called in the West) is celebrating it’s 25th Anniversary this year apparently and I’m sure there will be other collaborations on the way.
There are 6 items in the range including pajamas, backpack and eyemasks.

They’re on sale in the Harujuku store from April 22nd and online from the 26th.

The full line up can be seen here:

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