DenDen Town Map

DenDen Town (as the electronics/gaming/otaku part of Namba, Osaka is called) is like a smaller version of Akihabara in Tokyo.
The other week I was there and spotted this map on the wall of one of buildings just off the main drag (Ota Road オタロード).

DenDen Town Map

DenDen Town Map

The girl in the middle represents where you (the map) are, near a Turkish restaurant and a coffee shop.

If you go staight down the (brown) road (from where the girl is you’ll get to Kinaco (I think!), the great retro arcade centre (past the K-Books), and one of the 2 Super Potato’s is back up towards the big brown building at the top (which is SofMap – a big game/electroings chain).

To be honest the map, like many maps in Japan is a bit confusing. There are generally no road names in Japan so maps are a bit tricky to read. You kind of have to guess how many junctions you’ve passed to know if you’re at the right one (and even on proper maps, they don’t always include the smaller junctions!)


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