Retro Game Museum Project Exhibition

The Japan Retro Game Association, based in Osaka, was setup in 2011, in order to (from their website) :

To leave history of japanese home consoles and game software for posterity as a cultural heritage.

They partake in various activities, including repairing game equipment, training engineers, appraising old software and consoles and are also planning on creating a Retro Game Museum in 2020 which will showcase Japanese game culture to the world.

Before that and I guess in preparation they are holding a Retro Game Exhibition this month in at Oldfield in Yamanakadani, Osaka.

Retrogame Museum Project Exhibition

Retrogame Museum Project Exhibition

It’s being held over 2 weekends, September 16th~18th and 22nd~24th.

I’m not entirely sure what form this exhibition will take but I guess they will be exhibiting part of their vast collection of retro games and consoles.

I’m hoping to go to the exhibition on the first weekend (it’s a Bank Holiday weekend in Japan at that time), although it’s 2 hours by train or 1 hour by car from my house. So a bit of a trek.

More information can be found on their website, at, and one great thing about the site is it’s in Japanese and English!
They can also be found on Twitter at : @japanretrogame and Facebook at :

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