SNK Art Gallery in Umeda LOFT Part One

From February 16th to March 4th 2018, the department store LOFT in Umeda, Osaka are hosting an SNK Art Gallery exhibition.

As well as art on display, there are also a wide range of goods from the SNK Online Store on sale, 2 NeoGeo arcade cabinets set to Free Play, and on the opening weekend, there were 2 cosplayers milling around.

We had a go on the arcade cabs and my son beat me at Samurai Spirits and KOF96!

I bought some stuff and took a bunch of photos (I took a lot so I’ll split this post into two, to save on download bandwidth)…

Athena & Nakoruru Cosplayers

Athena & Nakoruru Cosplayers

Part Two…

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